RESUME   ARIN RINGWALD / Naguald Design Corporation
As an Illustrator, my professional experience has taken a backseat to my work in film over the last decade, in part because of the intense schedules that work requires. 
And yet, the rewards in this area are just as valuable - maybe more so, as the bulk of my efforts have been motivated by my own interests.
If you see something that resonates for you or a project you have in mind - within my work - I am open for inquiries.
Advanced Diploma In Illustration & Graphic Design
Capilano University / IDEA program

"Illustration & and Design, Elements and Applications"
A 3-year (I took a 1-year hiatus) applied design program focused on prepping students for real-world roles. All faculty are required to be working professionals within either Illustration or Graphic Design .
2D / 3D Animation Certificate
Okanagan University College (Now OUC)

A 4-month summer intensive focused on the foundations of traditional and 3D animation.
Introduction to Flash, Max and Maya.
Thank you!